The value of investment and income produce can fall as well as rise you may get back less than you invested.

Savings & Investment


Getting it right when come to investing is the key approach to investment advice. Mor-Invest approach is based on clearly understanding your financial situation, planning with you and your goals and how much risk you are prepared to take with your money with a view to continue to Review your plan and how your risk might have changed to meet your Long term objectives.

For most styles of investing the returns will not be guaranteed and can be affected by market conditions. Secure returns are normally offered by investing in areas such as Cash are usually available from the bank or building society. Investing money to achieve a specific goal is normally considered to be a medium- to long-term strategy. e.g. planning for retirements.

Depending on your circumstances, you can achieve this by investing regularly, usually monthly or annually, or you can make one-off lump-sum investments.

May be you want to safe for specific purpose, or build a part of money for personal use at a later future. Perhaps, it is to beat Inflation to ensure that we maintain a good standard of living. Whatever reason it s, we use your investment to create income or growth.

Why Invest?
– You will like to use your investment to create income or growth
– What other investment products do I already have?
– What means do I have to enable me to invest?
– How long am I prepared to invest for?
– Do I need access to my money at time?
– What is my tax position, both now and when I want to take the benefits from my funds?
– What products can I invest in which will be most tax efficient?
– What degree of risk am I prepared to take?
– Your capacity to take risk?
– Your need to take risk?

Investment & Savings options:

-New individual savings account (NISA)/ISA
-Children and Adult Cash Isa(S)
-Uk Life assurance Bonds
-Units Trust
-Offshore bonds
-Offshore Life Assurance Bonds
-Equity & stocks
-National savings Certificates

Investing in a tax efficient products
Our holistic plan approach will help you understand this process and will manage your expectation after we might have assess your needs.

Keeping an eye on your plans


Depending on what service you would like your adviser to provide they will monitor your investments on your behalf and periodically provide you with a statement that you can discuss and review together.


We have found that many of our clients receive so much paperwork from their various financial products that they find it difficult to know what they have, where and how much it is costing them.


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